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Yeast Yeast is the catalyst that produces the alcohol contained in beer, as well as its natural carbonation.

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The yeast converts the sugars from the malt into carbon dioxide and alcohol. Different yeasts ferment sugars in different ways, producing unique flavors and defining whether a brew is classified as a lager or an ale. A bottom-fermenting yeast strain called Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis produces crisp, smooth lagers at cool temperatures. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a top-fermenting yeast strain, makes fruity, refreshing ales at warmer temperatures.

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While there are thousands of different types of yeasts, keeping the strain pure and clean is key to a consistent final product. Water Since each glass or bottle of beer is made up of about 90 to 95 percent water, it does have an effect on the final taste. Although your local water supply is safe for drinking, most craft brewers view tap water as only the beginning in brewing better beer. Thanks for your help and guidance throughout hiring our nanny, we truly appreciate it.

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She runs our home with ease and the children love her! Hiring nannies can be overwhelming, but you made it easy and fun. It has a diameter of about 1, meters and a depth of meters. It is estimated that the crater is 50 thousand years old.

The largest reservoir in the U. The reservoir stretches miles long with a total capacity of 28,, acre-feet, a shoreline of miles, and a maximum depth of feet.

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Located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, is the village of Supai, the only place in the country where mail is delivered by mule. The U. As of , there were people living in the village. Arizona also has the deepest dam in the world — the Parker Dam. The dam is feet high of which feet are below the riverbed.

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The state is home to the two largest man-made lakes in the United States — Lake Mead largest and Lake Powell second largest. The amount of copper in the state Capitol Building Arizona is equivalent to 4. The state, among all other states, has the highest percentage of land set aside and designated as Indian land.

Cutting down a cactus in Arizona is a punishable offense and the maximum term in jail for the act could be 25 years.

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High Action Rodeos in Williams. Organ Mountains of New Mexico - This strikingly beautiful photographic website features flowers from the Organ Mountains. Participants Get Information Participants will get information back about the data they provide, which may help them learn more about their health. Hidden History: Grand Central Underground. Route 66 history buffs can explore more than six blocks of historic buildings and shops bursting with memorabilia.

The saguaro cactus which is prevalent in Arizona takes a long time to grow. The lifespan of the plant is between and years and the plant can grow up to 50 feet tall. Thus, the authorities are aggressive about protecting the habitat. Because of the ability to view stars away from city lights and pollution, Tuscan, Arizona is called the Astronomy Capital of the World.