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Barney Google (With Them Goo-Goo-Googly Eyes) Sues Google, Inc.
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So desperate was he to be in the spotlight again that he even tried giving up his city duds and disguising himself as a hillbilly to sneak back into the strip. Meanwhile, the lawsuit against Google Incorporated is going forward. Most think that it is just an attempt by a desperate man to regain some of the former wealth and glory that he basked in, but most legal onlookers say that Barney has a crocked chance of success in the venture. Already repercussions have been felt as Google removed all mention of Barney Google from its databanks, thus successfully making Mr.

Barney Google a non-entity in our modern, computerized world. There is not even a Wikipedia trace of him any more. Being ever careful, Google Inc. In another ironic development, it seems that Spark Plug, in his old age, has been sold to the glue factory and is now part of the binder material that holds the newspapers together that used to bear his image. More and more people are reading the Humor Times , but advertising revenues for internet sites everywhere keep falling. And unlike so many other websites, we have not put up a paywall -- we want to keep this much-loved and much-needed!

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So you can see why we need to ask for your help. The Humor Times' unique content takes a lot of time and effort to produce Lizzie Google, a. By October , the strip was distributed by King Features Syndicate and was published in newspapers across the country. Beginning on July 17, , the strip would take a momentous turn in popularity with the seemingly innocuous introduction of an endearing race horse named "Spark Plug".

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Barney's beloved "brown-eyed baby" was a bow-legged nag who seldom raced, and he was typically seen almost totally covered by his trademark patched blanket with his name scrawled on the side. Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz was known to his friends as Sparky, a lifelong nickname given to him by his uncle as a diminutive of Barney Google' s Spark Plug.

Comics historian Don Markstein noted that,. Sparky's first race became one of comics' first national media events, eagerly anticipated by millions of newspaper readers.

So great was the public's enthusiasm that DeBeck, who had been planning to retire the plug after that one storyline, made him a permanent part of the cast. Spark Plug was such a star during the s that children who enjoyed the comics were liable to get "Sparky" for a nickname—for example, Charles M. In deference to his enormous popularity during this period, the strip was retitled Barney Google and Spark Plug. It would become one of the best known, most iconic novelty records of the s, and has been recorded by such famous artists as Eddie Cantor and The Happiness Boys , The Andrews Sisters , and Spike Jones :.

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Note the title is copyrighted and patented. Where can fans buy it? Simak 's Out of Their Minds. Fred Lasswell started his career in the s as a sports cartoonist for the Tampa Daily Times. The Google has a beautiful garden which is guarded night and day. Metacritic Reviews.

Who's the most important man this country ever knew? Who's the man our presidents tell all their troubles to? No, it isn't Mr. Bryan and it isn't Mr. Hughes ; I'm mighty proud that I'm allowed a chance to introduce: Barney Google—with the goo, goo, googly eyes, Barney Google—bet his horse would win the prize; When the horses ran that day, Spark Plug ran the other way! Barney Google—with the goo-goo-googly eyes! Who's the greatest lover that this country ever knew?

Who's the man that Valentino takes his hat off to? No, it isn't Douglas Fairbanks that the ladies rave about; When he arrives, who makes the wives chase all their husbands out? Barney Google—with the goo-goo-googly eyes, Barney Google—had a wife three times his size; She sued Barney for divorce, Now he's sleeping with his horse!

Interview with Cartoonist John Rose on the Return of Barney Google and Spark Plug

Other popular characters and concepts introduced in the strip about this time include "Sunshine", Barney's black jockey, a troublesome ostrich named "Rudy", "Sully", a monocled champion wrestler, and the mysterious hooded fraternity "The Order of the Brotherhood of Billy Goats", a parody of mystic secret societies. There was also a "Sisterhood of Nanny Goats" for the ladies. Barney was elected "Exalted Angora" in In , an even greater change took place when Barney and his horse visited the North Carolina mountains and met a volatile, equally diminutive moonshiner named Snuffy Smith.

Hillbilly humor was extremely popular at the time as Al Capp was proving with Li'l Abner. The strip increasingly focused on the southern Appalachian hamlet of "Hootin' Holler", with Snuffy as the main character. The mountaineer locals are extremely suspicious of any outsiders, referred to as "flatlanders" or even worse, "revenooers" Federal Revenue agents.

Snuffy was so popular that his name was added to the strip's title in the late s. Eventually, Barney Google himself left Hootin' Holler in to return to the city, and was essentially written out of the strip except as a very occasional visitor. Google has appeared extremely rarely in the feature since the mids, but returned to Hootin' Holler for a visit in a series of strips beginning on February 19, , [7] with occasional visits since.

Prior to , Google had not appeared in the strip since January 5, , a span of over 15 years. Snuffy Smith whose last name is pronounced "Smif" by virtually all the characters in Hootin' Holler is an ornery little cuss, sawed-off and shiftless. He lives in a shack, mangles the English language and has a propensity to shoot at those who displease him. He makes "corn-likker" moonshine in a homemade still and is in constant trouble with the sheriff.

Barney Google is 100

He wears a broad-brimmed felt hat almost as tall as he is, has a scraggly mustache and a pair of tattered, poorly patched overalls. He constantly cheats at poker and checkers.

Barney Google

He also has some proclivity toward stealing chickens, which led to a brief but effective use of his character in a marketing campaign by the Tyson Foods corporation in the early s. In he held the post of "Royal Doodle Bug" in the "Varmints" lodge; during this period, the strip heavily employed the catchphrase , "What did the Doodle-Bug say? Almost all of the characters in the strip except the occasional visiting "flatlander" are exaggerated hillbillies in the classic burlesque tradition: [8] sharp-tongued gossipy women such as Snuffy's wife "Loweezy"; his baby "Tater"; his nephew "Jughaid"; his neighbors Elviney and "Lukey" [9] Lucas Ebenezer Hinks ; [10] [11] the sanctimonious but nonetheless ungrammatical Parson; Silas, the owner of the General Store; the ostentatiously-badged Sheriff Tait, and others.

The characters are drawn so that they appear to be talking out of the sides of their mouths. On December 24, , DeBeck began a gag panel called Bughouse Fables , featuring his observations of ordinary people doing foolish things, which he signed "Barney Google". This daily panel ran until November 13, Description Brief This pen-and-ink drawing for the Barney Google and Snuffy Smith comic strip shows Aunt Loweezy telling Snuffy to punish Jughaid for using her prize-winning quilt and petticoat to make a tent and a kite.

Fred Lasswell started his career in the s as a sports cartoonist for the Tampa Daily Times. Lasswell continued to draw Barney Google and Snuffy Smith until his death in The title character was portrayed as a very short man who was regularly seen at sporting events.

The addition of a race horse named Spark Plug, in , caught the nation's attention and prompted creator DeBeck to make the horse a regular cast member. Hillbilly Snuffy Smith, also very short in stature, joined the cast in and soon was added to the title of the strip. Since the s, Snuffy Smith has been the central character of the strip. Location Currently not on view date made graphic artist Lasswell, Fred publisher King Features Syndicate Physical Description paper overall material ink overall material Measurements overall: