Jon Stewart: An Unauthorized Biography

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert
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When Stewart took over as host of The Daily Show in , he reformulated the show to focus on politics and current world events.

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The transformation could not have been more successful. Although Stewart maintains that he is a comedian, he often blurs the line between comedy and journalism.

Jon Stewart Biography part 2

His journalistic integrity has been praised by many, and he has been honored by the White House and the Peabody Awards. This unauthorized biography follows Stewart from his humble beginnings as a young boy in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, to his rise to fame, where he is hailed as one of the most influential people in the world.

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Neither this book nor any parts within it may be sold or reproduced in any form without permission. Viewership has more than tripled and the show has tremendous power and influence over young voters. If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: they're hobbies.

Stewart sees himself as an Ambassador of Jewishness, and regularly incorporates Jewish cultural references into his comedy routine. Stewart was sent to a yeshiva kindergarten in nearby Trenton, and, afterward joined his brother at the local Lawrenceville public school.

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Stewart says he was a regular victim of anti-Semitic bullying and was called names such Leibotits and Leiboshits. Luckily for Stewart, his humor was evident at an early age and he quickly became known as. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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Upload Sign In Join. Get her to write a memoir and it would be worth millions. But write a book about her, without her cooperation, and you're taking a chance.

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Coming a week after the release of her latest film, "Salt," a biography has been published. Openly billed as "Unauthorized," the book includes intimate details on her troubled childhood, on such past lovers as Billy Bob Thornton and Timothy Hutton and, of course, her years with Brad Pitt.

Morton has a strong commercial history, but better when he works with a subject's involvement Princess Diana, Monica Lewinsky than without Tom Cruise, Madonna. In the age of the Internet, the unauthorized biography has been increasingly scooped by instant, endless online gossip. The audience for the book has often read all the key revelations prior to publication.

Martin's Press. It's got to have some fresh insight and revelations, and we think Andrew's book does.

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Identified sources include a childhood caretaker, an alleged former drug dealer and a close friend of Jolie's mother, the late Marcheline Bertrand, whom Dellon believes is given a fresh and thorough take in Morton's book. Unnamed friends and associates are cited for allegations that Jolie fought with co-star Winona Ryder on the set of "Girl, Interrupted," or had been intrigued by Pitt long before they became involved.

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A critique of Pitt's ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, was offered by "a psychologist who has met with Jennifer socially," while insights on Pitt-Jolie were provided by a "psychologist in the Brad, Angie and Jennifer circle," and "an observer with an inside track on the couple. Her latest, "Oprah," was a hit by most standards, but not for Kelley, who herself has said that the Internet endangers her kind of book.