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I gave that pair away, but ordered more scales and finally got to them. The scales are anodized aluminum in the small size, in black and in red. I switched from the black yarn which is Patons Classic Wool Worsted in Black Tweed the yarn to Cascade Jewel Hand-dyed , so the knit edge at the fingers would match the scales. For these, I work a row with scales, then two rows plain — the first plain row is black and the second one red, then the rest of the mitt, including the row with the scales, is knit with red.

I found this skein at the thrift store.

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I also ordered some different scales from Ring Lord , including clear plastic ones and ones that glow in the dark. They work! Now I have to find a fun color for the yarn. In the course of the big clean-and-organize of my craft stuff, I also found finally! I knit these from a Fleece Artist kit and gave the mitts to my niece. I liked them a lot, though, and remember that it had a lovely fit.

I looked high and low for this pattern and found it of course in the most unlikely of places — with the remaining yarn from the kit. I cast on a pair to check the fit again, as I think the pattern might be easily modified to have scales.


It makes me think of dragonflies. The Beauty Bride was already on the Scottish and Medieval romance lists, at 17 on both of them. BookBub emails tend to go out to subscribers around or before 9 AM eastern. The Beauty Bride had jumped to 1 in Medieval and 2 in Scottish as well as 26 overall free in the Kindle store. By , it had reached its highest point, 17 overall free in the Kindle store, as well as 1 in both Medieval Romance and in Scottish Romance. Over at Apple, The Beauty Bride is 9 overall free in the store:.

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If you downloaded a copy, thank you! Read an excerpt here. This post is about that other sweater.

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I bought the issue when it came out, loved this sweater and bought the specified yarn — but in a tweedy black called Blackstone. Here are some pix of the colourway on Ravelry. It was doing that thing of trying to fall off my shoulders.

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This January, I took it apart and ripped the fronts and back out to the underarms. When I reknit it, I made it narrower at the shoulders at the back. I also had found that it was bulky under the arms in the original version, so I added some short rows to make more of a sleeve cap.

Mine are a little closer to bracelet length with that addition to the sleeve cap. It fits so much better! Plus I finished another hat, just in time for the polar vortex. This is the same pattern First Snow that I used for my cupcake hats before Christmas. This time, though, I used a ball of tweedy wool that I found in the mill ends at Spinrite and added a purchased fake fur pompom. All of the included books are full-length reads. More than pages of delicious love stories for a very special price! From the glittering ballrooms of London to the dashing men of the American Revolution, read enchanting novels from six Jewels of Historical Romance!

From the glittering ballrooms of London to the dashing men of the American Revolution, read enchanting novels from five Jewels of Historical Romance! I finally finished these! When I started these mitts, I had two balls of LopiLett in taupe, two in purple and two in teal. The problems they face and the adventures they share with the bears will be entertaining and fun to share.

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Turning on my computer, I then slither into the kitchen. It gets hot in your chair. So peeps, that's it for today. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. For example, if your yen is a one-in-a-row sexually oriented conversation with a specific erotic outcome in mind then you easily toss politeness to the four winds… which then bellow and wildly rage. I definitely agree with you about how going up to the next step was so well done in this book. Both books are discounted to 99c internationally at Amazon, and it is possible that Amazon will match the free price in some territories.

Award-winning artist Jerry Pinkney tells the entire story without a single word. In short, a ferocious lion takes mercy on a tiny, scared mouse, and instead of eating him, he sets him free. When the lion later becomes ensnared in a trap, the mouse comes to his rescue.

This book is chock full of awe-inspiring landscapes of the African Serengeti, and wonderful, warm characters. Without a word, this book captures the imaginations of children, adults, and anyone who turns the pages in this beautiful book. This story, winner of a Caldecott Medal, was written by David Wiesner. Anyone who reads this book may find himself becoming a treasure hunter of sorts. Wiesner brings things into perspective that will be educational and inspiring to adults and children alike.

Becoming more aware of the hidden things on the beach will offer hours of fun and excitement. This is one of many children's books he has written that will be something special to share whether at home or on a family vacation. This classic tale of one of the most traditionally beloved toys every child has, a teddy bear, is heartwarming.

Corduroy is a little bear who wears green overalls. As he sits and waits for someone to buy him off the store shelf, there is also a little girl who is searching for a special toy to be more than just an ordinary toy; she wants a toy that will also be her friend. When you read the story of Corduroy and his new owner, not only will you be sharing a touching story with your children, but you will also be taken back to yesterday, simpler times, and loving a toy of your own. Janell Cannon tells the story of a little fruit bat named Stellaluna.

This little one gets separated from her mother and is found and taken care of by a mama bird. The mama bird insists that Stellaluna do everything the way ordinary birds do, which is totally different than the way bats do things. When Stellaluna can finally fly, and actually ends up finding her mother, she is told that what she feels is the right way to do things are her natural instincts, and that she should follow them. She is very relieved to be able to do all the things bats naturally do once again. Sharing this story will teach you and your children about how bats look, live, and are different from birds.

Eastman is a wonderful story that will be something your child can soon read on her own. A bird hatches from his egg while his mother is away, and sets out to find her.

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When he finally finds his real mother, he instantly recognizes her and the reunion is a very happy one. Educational, entertaining and one of the most beloved stories for all ages, this is a great one to share. Seuss has taken a simple story and made it one that applies to everyone at one time or another.

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Each milestone in life opens new doors of opportunity, and that is what this story implies. As you read it with your children, you may even be inspired yourself. Not only does it inspire and encourage the reader about the opportunities in life, but it is also entertaining with the traditional Seuss wit and rhyme. Fun to read aloud and even more fun to share with a loved one, this is one picture book that will become a family favorite. Every child loves to hear stories of another child, even if that other child happens to be a little pig named Olivia.

Precocious and energetic, Olivia has a way of wearing her mother out.

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Each night as her mother puts Olivia to bed, she tells her that she loves her- even though she wears her out. Ian Falconer has brought together reality and fantasy in a way that will touch your heart and give you a laugh. Everyone loves lovable grandmothers, but this is no ordinary grandma. The lovable and magical things she can do with her magic pasta pot will amaze, astound, and humor you and your children as you share this story.

Everyone in the village comes to her for help and advice, even the priest and the nuns in the convent.


Kissed (The Everwill Trilogy Book 1) - Kindle edition by Lily Valentine. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Kissed book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Nineteen- year-old Willa Jones had big plans for her summer: exotic adventures in fa.

Her powerful pot is put to the test and the hilarity that results will leave you laughing. This is a wonderful book to share with little ones at bedtime or any time. Winner of the Newberry Award, Tomie dePaola has created a classic. Antoinette Portis has brought to the list a book that touches the heart and imagination of children of all ages, with this delightful story about a bunny and his cardboard box that is in his eyes anything but a box.

As every child knows, a cardboard box can become whatever you want it to be, and the things that the bunny turns it into will open up the imagination to create many things you and your children may not have thought of creating with your own cardboard boxes. Sharing the story and sharing the ideas to create will be inspiring and fun. Seuss is as silly as ever with this classic that will have you and your children enjoying reading and rhyming more than ever.

From flying a kite in bed, to walking around with ten cats on your head to counting and seeing new kinds of fish and creatures, you will not be disappointed. One of the most exciting things about reading a Dr.

Seuss book is the never ending temptation to read it as fast as you can.