Pinnacle MLM Leadership Conference Call with Dale Calvert Leadership Team

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To learn more about Dales story and philosophy of Network Marketing Success, click on any of the links below. Whether your dream is to be an independent business owner, spend more time with your family, or have complete financial freedom, it could be time to explore your possibilities with network marketing and make those dreams a reality.

Thanks for checking out this page. Yes I have been operating Network Marketing Support Services for over fifteen years at the time of this writing, but that was never my desire or goal, it was something that just kind of happened. My message has not changed since If you build people, people will build the business. As I have grown older it has become beyond obvious to me how foreign the concept of building people has become within this profession.

That is sad. Network Marketing is the greatest personal development program in the world with a compensation plan attached. It is not necessarily there fault, some much has to do with the social media world we live in, and the culture or environment in which they learned the business. Yes it really is that simple. If you are a podcast click the below.

We Appreciate Your Support. We work with leaders around the world in multiple companies.

The majority of them, love the profession and watching the dreams of their team achieved. Many of us believe the message in this article is more needed in the market place now more than ever before. If you attend to agree we sincerely hope you will take some time today and get plugged into our podcasts, social media, newsletter etc. I look forward to meeting your personally in the near future. Read What Others Are saying! Click Here. I have a teenage son and found some of the motivational ones to be just what I needed for him.

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Is there anywhere where I might be able to search the archives? Thank you much. I have been trying to access the nu creations website. I was a distributor for you when you first started the company and was with NII. Hey Dale! Just came across the site by accident and figured I would leave you a note. I been expecting this,, because the time has come for the reaping what you sow. Thanks for sharing, free4life.

Your moniker is interesting.

Not true leadership…. My downline who told me he would build both businesses was either jumping to conclusions or was mislead by Junior Moral Compass, Mark Paul. Apparently Mr. Moral Compass no longer have the largest group, and that honor belongs to Claude and Lana.

Now would all you Teamie Weenies like to explain to me again how Bill Lewis owned his own business? The only way that could ever happen is if someone stole it. Hey…wait a minute…..

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Who's calling? Fine together with your permission allow me to take hold of your feed to keep updated with coming near near post. But a convoluted squabble over safety rules could still disqualify the Swedish team or virtually cripple its chances of being a serious contender. Salespeople need to learn to be a bit aware of themselves and to focus on the customers' needs, not on what they need. It is the same with sales.

Keep an eye on their personal websites. I left life back in october after the major conference in chattanooga, tn. They said they were making it easier for the little guys to make money but it just seemed they were making the point levels higher so that people could look like they were doing more without actually paying them more.

The difference between a real business and TEAM is that when LIFE collapses it devastates thousands of families in addition to the hundreds of thousands that it has already left in its wake. Yes, when a real business closes lots of people lose their job, but what a real company promises is different than the noise coming from TEAM. Orrin and Co. I think they should all be in jail, but I would settle for not having any type of platform to corrupt others as a start.

Nice post, Freedom. Caleb, thanks for the update. We appreciate the information you are sharing. You are correct that the system only works for a select few.

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We can trust in Gods plan and our own instincts and round that corner with confidence and enthusiasm or stand in the middle of the track clinging to the comfort zone that stops us from moving forward!! They do a pan of the crowd. Talk about a HUGE dip in numbers!!!!!

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This is smaller than Orrin had back in ! The rest of the arena is definitely not filled and it is not a big arena. I am not following, unless you are hinting to something else?

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What does Bobbie D. I mean vision lol…mis leader trying to fake others into believing he is a visionary, lol. Rather than be a prisoner to names lists, which I hate from years of failing in mlm, I learned to sell to strangers. I broke every rule in the book. Its hit doors get 2,3 interested prospects, move on. You just need to have a friendly attitude, ask one simple question, sort them quickly, and get the hell out of there.

You can use this approach for selling anything you believe in. Screw the friends and family crap. These mlm people are brainwashed. The simple fact is I have kicked almost all their asses just being smart, and using common sense. Free of corporate America, free of mlm b.

Just you, the good Lord, and unlimited amounts of people everywhere. Its putting into action the Biblical principle of sewing and reaping.

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Sew thousands of seeds, be a servant at heart, and just listen. It works. At the end of the day, this is one fun show to watch. I just need some more popcorn to sit back and watch this whole sharada implode. Orrin is such a douche canoe…I thought he was going to a million people?