The God of Common Sense: A Spiritual Journey

The student-Teacher Relationship
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Select 'OK' to allow Verizon Media and our partners to use your data, or 'Manage options' to review our partners and your choices. Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices. However, with the birth of new values and the crisis of dogmatic religiosity, the obstacles to spiritual liberation have been losing strength. Each individual who raises his consciousness becomes aware of his condition as a planetary citizen, and can better recognize a divine presence in human lives. The practice of austerity, altruism, contemplation and common sense is a way to simplify our inner life, to liberate our consciousness from smaller issues, and open room to a direct experience of sacredness.

As one mentally looks at the anxious multitudes moving in the streets of modern cities, it is not difficult to recognize the divine presence in them. Hundreds of thousands of people hurry up all day long, aiming at short term material goals.

The Practice of Divine Presence

They may go to and fro, yet they lack a real sense of individual purpose. Human noise is the noise of life. In any situation, people look for what seems to be good in their view, and they help one another in the struggle. The very act of living in society implies an attitude of cooperation and common work. Envy, competition, and violence are lesser episodes in the life of the noisy Brotherhood of Mankind, whose survival depends on love. There is in each person an inner light that is eternal. The millions of small generous actions which constitute daily life in our civilization silently express a sacred feeling of unconditional respect for life.

To think of the Law of Universal Equilibrium is enough to heal our psychological wounds. For thousands of years the act of remembering the divine presence has been a spiritual practice, and everyone can adapt it any time to his or her own specific reality.

Gods and Goddesses

More than five centuries before the Christian Era, the technique was used in ancient Greece when Pythagoras gave impetus to Western esoteric tradition. The fact is well registered, and Sextus, the Pythagorean, wrote:. Invoke God [ the Law ] as a witness to whatever you do. On the other hand, Sextus also warned:.

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Neither do nor even think of that which you are not willing God should know. Democrates said:. And a third Pythagorean sage, Demophilus, taught thus about the practice of the Presence :. The technique was later adopted by the Christian tradition. This is one example among others of the widely unknown fact that the Pythagorean wisdom has exerted a strong influence over the higher aspects of Christianity.

The essenes and neoplatonists, which are associated to the origins of Christianism, were up to a certain extent the heirs of Pythagorean tradition. Regarding the practice of divine presence, one of the most inspiring among the personal examples I know belongs to the Christian world, and took place in the 17th century. When he was 18 years old, he had an experience of spiritual enlightenment which transformed his life. During a typical day of European winter, Nicholas observed with a feeling of love a half-dead, leafless tree suffering from the constant snow, and thought of the new life which springtime would soon bring to his friend.

He was taken by an irresistible experience of love for the divinity, and of direct knowledge of It. Some of the main religions of humanity — like Taoism and Buddhism — do not work with the concept of God. However, esoteric philosophy knows and teaches how to know the divine world and the law of the universe.

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The mistake of Western religiosity lies in believing in a singular almighty god separated from the rest of the universe who makes piecemeal decisions without being responsible for their consequences. It is from such a conception of God that dogmatic religions emerge to legitimize wars and social injustice. A Master of the Wisdom wrote about the theological fabrication:. You are only able to think of the universe as governed by a king, while we know it to be a republic in which the aggregate indwelling intelligence rules.

Based on the direct experience of Mahatmas, it states that there is a divine world with many different cosmic intelligences, which are dynamic, living in eternal movement.

10 Simple Ways to Start Your Spiritual Journey

In this context, the personification of the idea of deity, falsely identifying the deity and the teacher, is a fact of lesser importance. It could be acceptable as a metaphor, a symbolic image, a poetical expression serving as a bridge between the human and the divine worlds and attempting to humanize that which is supreme.

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The problem gets much worse, however, when priestly and ritualistic bureaucracies are built on the basis of the imaginary existence of a personal god who must be celebrated from a utilitarian point of view, so that the believer will hope to obtain personal favors from him. Mystics from different religions admit the direct experience of sacredness is beyond words. Their sense of inner unity with the divine world corresponds to the higher states of consciousness mentioned in Raja Yoga and other Eastern traditions.

The perception of the divine presence did not leave Nicholas, the Brother Lawrence, any longer. It became part of his life. Young Nicholas had to be a soldier. He later worked as the servant of a rich family in France. His contemplative nature did not remain unnoticed, and had unpleasant consequences. He was a bungler: being absent-minded, he broke by accident a number of domestic objects belonging to his masters.

At the age of 55, Brother Lawrence joined the Carmelite Order in Paris as a lay brother and became a cook. One of his religious superiors, M. Beaufort, took notes on his life, got them together with a few letters written by the mystic and published them as a small volume. Lawrence felt that human beings must create a sense of the divine presence by mentally talking to it all the time.

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I hope you know the bible says, you cannot meet god face to face without being killed! But, unlike you, I found satisfactory and indeed inspiring answers. Check in with your inner guidance and move forward from a place of love rather than a place of fear. Use toons, or just words, or your own photo — see how you like it. Michael would have rejoiced. I felt so rejected, so abandoned, so alone. I just googled your name and the word pregnant to see what happened and I find this…… I remember reading the turkey story and being so happy.

That humble cook who had no religious instruction could directly live the mystic experience, and felt no inclination to make theoretical discourses on it. Each time Lawrence faced a difficulty and challenge, or needed to practice a virtue, he prayed and said:. He then received strength enough. The idea of a Lord was from an esoteric point of view the personification of his own Buddhic consciousness and his spiritual soul. Such a confidence results from goodness. The only object of Lawrence was not to offend the divine will [11] , id est , the universal Law. Esoteric tradition says that the truth-seeker gradually learns along the path how to unite his small individual will to the greater will of the divine world, establishing a magnetic syntony with it through the purity of his heart and mind.

Because of this, he becomes an outpost of the divine consciousness in the world. Brother Lawrence accumulated such an experience in asking for divine help at every moment that, when he had a practical task to perform, he did not have to think of it in anticipation. Lawrence died in , at 80 years of age, after teaching many individuals how to attain a direct experience of contact with sacredness.

Some might think the practice of divine presence is mainly devotional. In fact, it constitutes a central part of esoteric philosophy. It belongs to the Pythagorean tradition and is taught by various Eastern disciplines including Jnana Yoga, the yoga of the contemplation of universal truth, and Raja Yoga, whose main goals include the strengthening of individual self-knowledge and self-responsibility. In the Diagram of Meditation which H.


The book is a spiritual memoir of one man's relationship with God as a child, student, soldier, professor, theatre director, friend of Paul Newman, father of five, and survivor of cancer and a heart attack, who lives by his conscience rather than. The God of Common Sense: A Spiritual Journey [Leo M. Jones II] on Amazon.​com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The book is a spiritual memoir of one​.

Blavatsky transmitted to one of her disciples in , she recommends a practical way to strengthen the connection and the identity between each individual and the boundless universe:. Either with or without self-identification.