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The film's persistent observational focus, a noticeable relic of Ivin's documentary beginnings, embraces an elemental storytelling that represents less an evolution than an equilibrium of film forms. Noting as his key inspirations Frederick Wiseman--'a huge inspiration'--Ken Loach, and new Scottish film-maker Lynne Ramsey Morvern Callar, , Ivin hastens to add that he is attracted to fiction that is 'strongly based in reality'.

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Cracker Bag is a fictionalized account of Ivin's childhood experience told through the eyes of Eddie Edith Cattell , a 'tomboy' who stores an arsenal of fireworks under her bed in preparation for cracker night. Eddie trades tin cans for cash, resourcefully weighting the cans with stones, to raise money to add to her veritable catalogue of crackers.

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On a football oval, Eddie lights the fuse of her first cracker. She accidentally knocks it and the cracker inadvertently lodges in her cracker bag. A fusillade of fireworks illuminates the night sky as the film gestures toward a representation of the first experience of disenchantment. An elegy for childhood, Cracker Bag's resonance across film audiences also hinges on its geographical certainty: Eddie's suburban environs, a direct invocation of Ivin's childhood, immerse the viewer into the space of a vernacular landscape, Ivin is impassioned and forthcoming with his musings on cinema, and on the place of the familiar in Eddie's universe of fire-crackers and toy horses.

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GI: I was never sure how European audiences would get it, particularly because a lot of the details are very Australian. But, rather than do something cliched, I tried to show hints of things that you remember from childhood so that you would fill in the gaps. When I spoke to the judges in Cannes they said that it was really nice to see a film where the geography featured heavily in the storytelling.

But at the same time, it did have this universal appeal that they were touched by. Whether I made it or not, to be able to say that I tried, is huge for me.

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Hotrod Hussy: That I survived it! The two hours of constant drills with minimal water breaks was intense, and I found that just when I thought I was going to die-I caught a second wind. I jammed every scrimmage, worked harder on my endurance and agility. Examiner: While hard to narrow down, what other skater did you enjoy seeing out on the flat track next to you and why during the tryout? Hotrod Hussy: Oh man! There were countless moments when I looked out and saw girls who have encouraged me.

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Examiner: Is there a particular country you would look forward to playing against more than the others? Hotrod Hussy: I think playing against Canada would be rad! They are not only great athletes, but cool as hell off the track! Hotrod Hussy: The first two hours of drills was terribly challenging, the second two hours of scrimmaging was wonderful because we had breaks and I think I do my best in a real game situation.

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A young widow hungry for love. A divorcee four times, ready for any indecent proposition.

A man loses himself, his wife, his ideals and his prestige as a physician in the suburban sex-shuffle that is fast becoming a national disease. Marital boredom among the smart suburban couples could lead to only one thing… A new novel that dares to discuss a major problem in modern life — sophisticated people tire of their marriages, seeking new thrills — new excitements. A Major Novel!


Click words for definitions. Penalty points do have their compensation however. ARIA award winning legendary musician Nicky Bomba is coming to the Stag and Hunter to do a one off special performance as part of his solo regional tour. In my role as an author, I had the privilege of working with Mr. My son took the lessons to heart and became a journalism major at NYU.

This entire book can be downloaded here. But I could rouse you. The scandal of suburbia today — restless housewives betrayed not only by other men, but also by other women!

What kind of passion is this, that not even marriage can quench? And what happens when their husbands decide to go them one better…?