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Standing at the bottom is Sudan, a northern white rhinoceros who until recently lived at a nature reserve in Kenya. On top of him, turned upside down, is Najin, a slightly smaller figure of a female rhino who happens to be Sudan’s daughter. The Last Three, an installation created. Rhino care-takers protect the last 2 at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, hours a day. The last two females, The Last Three in the heart of New York City.

How about this for an inter-firms team? Feature Articles Last three county finals as race for provincial glory heats up. GPA report: lives of student inter-county players are a juggling act. GAA tweets of the week. However, they have not taken the final step and turned them into sperm and eggs, and no one knows how difficult that might be.

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Nevertheless the group is confident. It will be a considerable effort and, as the critics are pointing out, mightily expensive.

Such investment makes many rhino conservation workers uneasy. Richard Emslie, a rhinoceros expert with the International Union for Conservation of Nature , said funding for other projects, including those that involve fieldwork, could be hit. More to the point, it will open up the technology of using stem cell science so we can save and protect other endangered species.

Other conservationists fear the spectacular nature of the work proposed by the international group could lull them into thinking science will always be able to save the day.

Remember – ‘tech is not like weather’

In this way it should be possible to bring the northern white rhino back from extinction, scientists argue. Others say that taking a hi-tech approach to species preservation could lull the conservation movement into thinking it would always be able to fall back on science to help reproduce a species once it gets into trouble. New town development in Indonesia: Renegotiating, shaping and replacing institutions. Many conservation experts believe the resources being used to create northern white embryos would be better spent on saving other rhino species by providing them with protection in the wild. It is now functionally extinct.

It is now functionally extinct. The best lesson we can learn from that is to never let that happen again with any other species. The three rhinos are:.

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He suffers from low sperm count. She has leg injuries, which means that she can no longer bear the weight of pregnancy or that of a mounting male.

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She has a uterine disorder that prevents an embryo from being successfully implanted. Cells and sperm from a further 11 northern white rhinos are also being kept in frozen storage.

Photos: The last three northern white rhinos in existence

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A better question would be to separate the three positions and ask them one by one. But some people will ask this question, so you should definitely prepare for it.

You can use this as your advantage. If you don't have many good things to say about your second position, you can briefly comment on it and spend more time talking about the other two positions.

I'll give an example in the long answer, but here are some short answers first. Short Answers " I've only had one position. In my last position, I worked as a marketing analyst for South American markets.

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I worked closely with partners in Chile and Argentina.